Colleen McCall Plate Party Workshop

Try out Colleen McCall’s colorful sgraffito technique as she brings her
clay and vibrant underglazes to the Turk Hill Studio. She will prepare a 10 inch square lunch plate in her dark brown stoneware claybody and prime it with an opaque layer of porcelain slip. Learn to use paper stencils, simple brush techniques and a dark graphic line to create a unique design you can eat off of. Borrow one of the artist’s motifs or bring your own inspiration from a piece of fabric, wall paper or clip art.

We'll work on paper first then transfer the pattern to a pre-made leather hard for for hand painting with underglaze, slip and wax resist. Lastly, we'll use sgrafitto to outline the pieces carving through the layers of color to the dark clay beneath. The resulting dish will be finished with clear glaze to make it food safe and dishwasher safe. Your colorful and fully functional creation will be beautiful empty or filled. All materials provided.

Class Details:

  • Perfect for all skill levels
Class Dates: 
Saturday, August 25, 2018
Class Time: 
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Price: $65.00
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